Balsa Wood Inc has been created as an logical extension to successful AK-Models Company which specializes in RC Model Airplanes manufacturing and importing. Import and production of Balsa Wood has become necessary for our laser cutting services. Ability to have Balsa Wood, Lite Plywood and Birch Plywood in stock allowed us to process any size laser cutting orders at minimum amount of time. It is also allowed us to control quality of materials we use for laser cutting services and our own model airplane kit manufacturing.


AK-Models Inc has been established in 1996 by Alex Kolyvanov, who has been designing and manufacturing unique line of RC Jets and few other RC Aerobatic models. Ever cense Alex has been 10 years old he has been fascinated with Model Aviation. Numerous models were build back in days from Control Line to Free Flight Gliders. His interest to Model Aviation has been fueled once more after Alex has come to USA in 1993. In summer of  1993 Alex has been invited to fill coaching position with University of Iowa Men's Gymnastics team. Before coming to US from Russia in 1993 he has been recognized as one of the best gymnasts in Europe. He was a mem­ber of the Unified (former USSR) gymnastics team that won the Gold Medal at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain.


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