Balsa Wood

Balsa Wood is a unique quality wood that is used in almost all model hobbies. Examples include remote controlled airplanes, boats, arts and crafts, model railroads, miniature, fishing lures, architectural modeling, wood carving and many others.

Balsa wood is so soft enough to cut with a hobby knife, or small saws, yet durable enough to last a life time. It also is extremely easy to sand, making it the easiest wood to work with.


Our balsa wood has been specially kiln dried to reduce water content, a process witch makes balsa wood very light, yet strong enough, giving it one of the highest strength to weight ratios, of any wood.


Balsa Wood inc imports its balsa directly from Ecuador - home to the best balsa wood in the world. Our balsa wood goes through a careful selection process before it is cut into sheets and sticks, and other shapes.


We can hand select balsa wood to suit your needs. Balsa wood sheets are available in Soft, Medium, and Hard. Hand selection is not the same as weighing the wood to determine its weight. Please include your specifications in your order details. 30% will be added to the base price of your order.




Basswood sheets are used in variety of hobbies, crafts, carving and miniature projects. Basswood sheets used extensively for school projects like bridge and tower building contests. Easily cut and shaped with basic wood tools. Basswood is perfect material for carving and staining. Basswood sheets available in wide variety of sizes, we also offer wide variety of basswood sticks, strips and blocks.


Lite Plywood (aka Poplar Plywood)


Balsa Wood Inc offers AAA Model Grade Lite Plywood products witch are cut from high grade clear veneers of highest quality available.  Lite Plywood is mainly used for formers. An example would be the fuselages for RC airplanes. There are many uses for Lite Plywood in other hobbies.

Lite plywood, is just as its name implies, very light. It is 50% lighter then birch plywood, and still has excellent strength.  The nature of the construction of Lite plywood is such that it is impossible for us to guarantee that all sheets will be completely flat.


Aircraft Grade Birch Plywood.


Balsa Wood Inc is proud to offer you premium quality Birch Plywood also known as Aircraft Grade plywood. The Birch Plywood we offer is imported from Finland, there fore the thickness of the sheets in  metric measurements, which we have converted to American equivalents for your convenience.

Aircraft Grade Plywood is the highest quality Birch Plywood available. Once again how ever, the nature of the wood, makes it impossible to guarantee the wood will be entirely


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